BitShares 6.0 Mainnet

Codename: Mekong - 100% ready for release.

Flash Loans 0
Collateralized Loans 0
Force Settlement changes and Global Settlement fee 0
WIP: Alternative ``bad debt`` Settlement methods 0

BitShares Mint

Mint your own digital assets (cryptocurrencies) with predefined smart-contracts on the core level of the BitShares blockchain. Easy-to-use GUI multi-step form and your own named account, with lowest fees around, minting was never so easy and secure.


Every account can be controlled by single or weighted combinations of other account/s and/or keys. This creates a hierarchical structure which can be built to reflect real-life permissions – e.g a company or organizations approval and signing processes in digital form.

Beyond DeFi

On-chain in-built decentralized asset exchange, cryptocurrency mint through smart-contracts, smartcoins that are ``borrowed into existence`` by collateralizing BTS core token, Liquidity Pools, HTLC, Recurring payments and more.

Our mission is to provide Decentralized Security Software solutions to any KIND of centralized problems