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BitShares 2 (March 28th, 2016 / GUI May 22nd, 2017)
  • Windows

    sha256: 634766ff1b7a4cb140fb01dfbd84786d3c5f2e9be7501b0adc3f91cf168ad908

  • Mac

    sha256: d3cd4772555a5a9b7768c820bc303c6fb9e68c8b6067e86359b21aed14e0305b

  • Linux

    sha256: 028223d27dd98894bcdfdc8bdda89091fddb5cd8ff70971e14f0622e9979f75a

The latest official release can always be found on GitHub at this URL:

  • Windows 7+ or Mac OSX 10.8+
  • Modern Internet Browser


Documentation is available at

Technical Support

Technical support is available in the community Technical Support subforum.

Official Web Wallets

A web browser wallet is available at and at OpenLedger.