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graphene::app::orders_api Class Reference

the orders_api class exposes access to data processed with grouped orders plugin. More...

#include <api.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 orders_api (application &app)
flat_set< uint16_t > get_tracked_groups () const
vector< limit_order_groupget_grouped_limit_orders (asset_id_type base_asset_id, asset_id_type quote_asset_id, uint16_t group, optional< price > start, uint32_t limit) const

Detailed Description

the orders_api class exposes access to data processed with grouped orders plugin.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ orders_api()

graphene::app::orders_api::orders_api ( application app)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_grouped_limit_orders()

vector< limit_order_group > graphene::app::orders_api::get_grouped_limit_orders ( asset_id_type  base_asset_id,
asset_id_type  quote_asset_id,
uint16_t  group,
optional< price start,
uint32_t  limit 
) const

Get grouped limit orders in given market.

base_asset_idID of asset being sold
quote_asset_idID of asset being purchased
groupMaximum price diff within each order group, have to be one of configured values
startOptional price to indicate the first order group to retrieve
limitMaximum number of order groups to retrieve (must not exceed 101)
The grouped limit orders, ordered from best offered price to worst

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◆ get_tracked_groups()

flat_set< uint16_t > graphene::app::orders_api::get_tracked_groups ( ) const

Get tracked groups configured by the server.

A list of numbers which indicate configured groups, of those, 1 means 0.01% diff on price.

Definition at line 602 of file api.cpp.

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