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graphene::chain::sign_state Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

bool signed_by (const public_key_type &k)
bool signed_by (const address &a)
bool check_authority (account_id_type id)
bool check_authority (const authority *au, uint32_t depth=0)
bool remove_unused_signatures ()
 sign_state (const flat_set< public_key_type > &sigs, const std::function< const authority *(account_id_type)> &a, const flat_set< public_key_type > &keys=empty_keyset)

Public Attributes

optional< map< address, public_key_type > > available_address_sigs
optional< map< address, public_key_type > > provided_address_sigs
const std::function< const authority *(account_id_type)> & get_active
const flat_set< public_key_type > & available_keys
flat_map< public_key_type, bool > provided_signatures
flat_set< account_id_typeapproved_by
uint32_t max_recursion = GRAPHENE_MAX_SIG_CHECK_DEPTH

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sign_state()

graphene::chain::sign_state::sign_state ( const flat_set< public_key_type > &  sigs,
const std::function< const authority *(account_id_type)> &  a,
const flat_set< public_key_type > &  keys = empty_keyset 

Definition at line 232 of file transaction.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ check_authority() [1/2]

bool graphene::chain::sign_state::check_authority ( account_id_type  id)

Definition at line 164 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ check_authority() [2/2]

bool graphene::chain::sign_state::check_authority ( const authority au,
uint32_t  depth = 0 

Checks to see if we have signatures of the active authorites of the accounts specified in authority or the keys specified.

Definition at line 174 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ remove_unused_signatures()

bool graphene::chain::sign_state::remove_unused_signatures ( )

Definition at line 220 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ signed_by() [1/2]

bool graphene::chain::sign_state::signed_by ( const public_key_type k)

returns true if we have a signature for this key or can produce a signature for this key, else returns false.

Definition at line 115 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ signed_by() [2/2]

bool graphene::chain::sign_state::signed_by ( const address a)

Definition at line 131 of file transaction.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ approved_by

flat_set<account_id_type> graphene::chain::sign_state::approved_by

Definition at line 246 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ available_address_sigs

optional<map<address,public_key_type> > graphene::chain::sign_state::available_address_sigs

Definition at line 128 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ available_keys

const flat_set<public_key_type>& graphene::chain::sign_state::available_keys

Definition at line 243 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ get_active

const std::function<const authority*(account_id_type)>& graphene::chain::sign_state::get_active

Definition at line 242 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ max_recursion

uint32_t graphene::chain::sign_state::max_recursion = GRAPHENE_MAX_SIG_CHECK_DEPTH

Definition at line 247 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ provided_address_sigs

optional<map<address,public_key_type> > graphene::chain::sign_state::provided_address_sigs

Definition at line 129 of file transaction.cpp.

◆ provided_signatures

flat_map<public_key_type,bool> graphene::chain::sign_state::provided_signatures

Definition at line 245 of file transaction.cpp.

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